Google Analytics Multiple Homepage URLs

The "Multiple Homepage URLs" error is shown as an alert by Google Analytics starting October 14, 2014 among many other errors recently poping up to users. This alert indicates several things Google might have found about your website. Here are some reasons and how to fix them.

The first reason is that Google found that you are referring to your homepage in at least 2 different ways. For example one time you link to your home page using "" and another time you link to it as "" or "".
For some reason, Google might see them as 2 different pages.

One way of fixing the problem is to have a unified way of refering to your homepage. For example if you link to your homepage using "", without the index.html, then you should do it everywhere else.

Another solution is to redirect your duplicate sites to only one. For example if you have a page called and another one called then you need to decide which one you want to keep (htm or html). The other one can have a 301 redirect (a code name for "this page has permanently moved").

A final solution is to apply a filter on Google Analytics. Which serves as a way to tell Google to show you statistics only for certain URLs, Hostnames, IPs ... and to ignore the rest. You can also fill out that you would like to ignore certain URLs, Hostnames, IPs when showing you statistics. To do that go to Google Analytics, click on the alert message, then click on "adjust filter" and fill out the form.

After you apply any or all the fixes, click "check again" on the Alert box, and wait for Google to check again.

Another Error which people reporting to have been received lately is: Google Analytics Redundant Hostname.

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